The garden will not be open on a regular basis in 2023.
But if you are interested in visiting the garden, you can contact us to find a suitable date for a private tour or visit.

The garden is a private garden that we open to interested people and plant lovers.
Please be careful when you visit. All stays in the garden are at your own risk and responsibility!
There are also some poisonous plants in the garden, which are not signposted.

The garden is a very sensitive environment and there is no room for feet in the cultivated beds. Each plant is planted in its optimal growing spot, regardless of how visible they are from the aisles, and it can be a bit frustrating at times. However, that doesn’t mean it’s okay to step over the fence and walk around in the grow beds, where the soil is porous and fragile little plants are planted everywhere.
Please stay on the paths, keep an eye on the children and leave the dog by the car.

Please respect Peter’s work and our garden.
Thank you very much

The entrance fee is based on donation. We recommend an amount of kr 50 per person. Children go for free.
Donations are used to bring the garden further.

Larger groups should be booked in advance.