23 april 2016


Var: Eskilsbygården och Peter Korns Trädgård


Tid: 10.00-18.30

Kostnad: 550 kr inkl. lunch

Bindande anmälan till: korns.garden@gmail.com

I Peter Korns Trädgård:

10.00 Trädgården öppnar

11.15 Guidning i trädgården av Peter Korn

I Eskilsbygården:

13.00 Föredrag av Ed Snodgrass (på engelska)

Plants for Eco-system Services and Biological Engineering

14.00 Lunch

14.30 Föredrag av Oron Peri (på engelska)

Bulbs of the eastern Mediterranean area

16.00 Kaffe och kladdkaka

16.30 Föredrag av Ben Pick (på engelska)

Growing a Garden(er)

17.30 Föredrag av Ed Snodgrass (på engelska)

Selecting plants for Eco-System Services

Föredragshållarna är:

Ed Snodgrass

Edmund C. Snodgrass is president and founder of Emory Knoll Farms, Inc. and Green Roof Plants, North America’s first nursery specializing in green roof plants and horticultural consulting. Edmund has consulted on projects throughout the US and also in England, France, New Zealand, China, Australia, Mexico and Morocco. Since its inception, Emory Knoll Farms has supplied plants for over 2000 green roof projects throughout the United States and Canada. Edmund collaborates on green roof research with academic institutions including Penn State University, University of Melbourne, University of Maryland, University of Auckland, and Sheffield University.  A popular speaker and published author, Edmund lectures widely at universities and regional, national and international conferences. Edmund is the co-author of Green Roof Plants: A Resource and Plant Guide (Timber Press, 2006), The Green Roof Manual A Professional Guide To Design, Installation and Maintenance.  (Timber Press 2010) and Small Green Roofs (Timber Press 2011), The New American Landscape: Leading Voices on the Future of Sustainable Gardening (Timber Press 2011)

Föredrag: Plants for Eco-System Services and Biological Engineering

 This talk will introduce the notion of using plants instead of pipes for civil engineering and plant provided services for the built environment. A look at the environmental problems that created this market will be explored. The talk will look at historical using of plants on buildings as a basis for the modern plants based systems technology. The talk will also look at what cities around the world are doing are doing from a public policy perspective. Examples of systems in place will be featured.

Selecting plants For Eco-System Services

This talk will look at specific plant groups and specific plants used in plant based systems. Consideration for solar aspect, climate, function as well as other plant choices will be illustrated. Also a number of different system designs will be shown in case study format.

Oron Peri

Oron Peri has been fascinated by bulbous plants since his childhood, studying and growing them where he lives in Israel. He is a plantsman, garden designer, writer, photographer and a leader of botanical tours in various parts of the world. Many of the plants featured in his book and talk are from locations which, because of the political situation in this area, most people will never visit.

Föredrag: Bulbs from the eastern Mediterranean area

Ben Pick

I am from the USA. I received my degree in horticulture from North Carolina State University. Since graduating several years ago, I’ve been getting as much experience as possible in different settings and locations. My earliest experience was in the nursery setting and then design-build companies and landscape work. Finally, I discovered I was truly passionate about plants and discovering and using new plants and new combinations. This has led me to work in some wonderful plant-rich gardens, such as Kew Gardens, Denver Botanic Garden, Great Dixter, and most recently Chanticleer.

Föredrag: Growing a Garden(er)

The people, plants and experiences that have helped get me where I am today.